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If you spend any time at the beach or park, you will see moms applying sunscreen to their children’s skin.  This is great to help limit the risks of sunburn and skin cancer.  The problem is that there is another important organ that can be damaged by the sun and is being ignored…the eyes!

The eyes are 10 TIMES more sensitive to the sun than the skin.  It seems as if everyone understands the damage of ultraviolet radiation from the sun and how using sunscreen can protect our children’s tender skin.  For some reason, many have forgotten or were not told about the potentially damaging effects the sun has on our children’s eyes.  Everyone (including mom and dad) should be protecting their eyes because the damage from the sun is cumulative over time….it all adds up!

The current options to protect our kid’s eyes are sunglasses and hats.  These are great options when they are worn.  Very few children will wear them and they are not worn every day.  Since we are exposed to damaging light on sunny days, cloudy days and now even inside with our new fluorescent light bulbs, we need another layer of round the clock protection.  There is new evidence emerging that the new fluorescents lights (CFL’s) are emitting damaging UV and blue light.  A new product is now available with ingredients that some experts say is like “sunscreen for the retina.”

ichews is an oral supplement that is being distributed by Peeper Protectors and is meant to be used along with hats and sunglasses.  This great tasting, chewable tablet is being formulated specifically for children.  It will provide targeted antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamins, and minerals that will help protect the delicate eyes of children.  All of these products have been shown to be safe and can be found in natural fruits and vegetables.