Great tasting chewable supplement to help protect the eyes of children


What Are iChews?

ichews are great tasting, chewable tablets formulated specifically for toddlers through teens (ichews are safe and effective for adults as well . . . just take 2 per day.) They are jam-packed with natural ingredients that protect against eye damage from the sun’s UV rays. These powerful antioxidants act like sunscreen applied on the inside! We call it iSPF (internal SPF.) Just give your children one of these great tasting chewables every day to provide vital protection for their eyes and skin, and to promote overall health throughout their bodies. This product is not intended to be a substitute for sunglasses or sunscreen. It just provides an extra layer of protection for our most precious commodity . . . our kids!

The lenses in the eyes of children are much clearer than in adults. This allows more of the suns ultraviolet radiation to reach their retinas. The damaging effects of these rays are cumulative, adding up over time, so we need to start protecting our children’s eyes at a very early age.


ichews combine ten different nutrients long known to promote good eye health in a single power-packed, vision-protecting tablet.

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